Sports Nutrition

“Playing a sport and eating poorly is like detailing a car and continuing to drive in the mud”

At Dietwise our founder is a certified Sports Nutritionist & Nutrigenomics expert & has taught Sports nutrition in topmost academies to thousands of students. There is no one better than us to be partner in your goal to achieve sporting excellence.

Sports Nutrition Plans are specially designed for sportsmen, marathon runners, mountaineers, swimmers, body builders, Cyclists, Chess players & more. This plan includes advanced supplementation approved by DHSEA and FSSAI in addition to the natural healthy diets prescribed to meet your energy requirements for that specific activity intended.


All sports are becoming increasingly competitive.To reach your highest potential, all of your body systems must be perfectly tuned. Nothing is more important to your well-being & ability to perform than good nutrition.

Sports nutrition is a complicated topic for those seeking a balance between satisfying meals & peak performance. Eating the right foods helps you maintain desirable body weight, stay physically fit, & establish optimum nerve-muscle reflexes. Without the right foods, optimised bio chemistry & fined tuned nutrigenomics even physical conditioning & expert coaching aren’t enough to push you to your best. Good nutrition must be a key part of your training program if you are to succeed.

Sports Nutrition can be divided into several stages:

– Nutrition for a particular sport along with individualized goal – Nutrition for conditioning phase,

Nutrition for endurance or strength training – Nutrition for the actual competition: pre competition, post competition & during the competition – Hydration for each sport based on sweat rate analysis,

We counsel athletes on optimal nutrition for exercise training & match their nutrition to training phases & also assist them with recovery from exercise, weight management, hydration, immunity & supplementation.

Knowing how to properly fuel and refuel your body is essential to maximizing your sports performance. Food selection, quantity as well as meal timing affect body composition, athletic performance, and overall health.

Whether you’re competing or training off-season, the length and intensity of the sport and unique health situations will also determine your nutritional requirements.


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