"What you eat in private eventually is what you wear in public"

Most people are fixated on weight loss & not what they ideally should be looking at which is “FAT LOSS” & “INCH LOSS”. Also there are several reasons why you should not be attempting to do it yourself without proper guidance. Body health cannot be assessed merely by its weight. It is composed of many elements. One of the most potential elements affecting body’s health and performance is fat. When one is overweight, it’s imperative to not just reduce weight but to reduce the excess subcutaneous fat and making sure muscles are preserved in the process. But unfortunately most fad diets are focused on weight loss and not fat loss whereby we lose our most important asset ‘muscle’. One wouldn’t even know what the body is losing before its spiralled downwards. Attempting crash diets / half baked information from the internet can cause long term damage to your health as they are not specifically catered to what you may need & “one size fits all” doesnt apply to permanent long term healthy weight loss. At Dietwise we make weight loss health care programmes that lays emphasis on well-balanced, portion-controlled diets, as health & immunity needs to go hand in hand with your goals of fat loss. All this is done after doing detailed study of your existing lifestyle,eating habits, clinical parameters, health history, likes dislikes etc. We guide you to make smarter choices everyday & develop healthier eating habits & preferences that will make you reach your goal faster and also wont leave you famished plus you will be on your way to winning the battle against bulge. And along with fat loss goal a muscle gain plan has to be planned side by side to compliment & avoid sagging & other issues. The only side effect to our programme is a well toned body.


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