Pediatric Nutrition

“A child’s body needs nutrition, not just food”

The first 8 years of childhood are the most formative years of mental as well as physical health. What a child eats in these years will determine his or her body composition as well as metabolic health post 30’s. To aid this journey in best possible way, at Dietwise we formulate a customized plan so that nutrition provides fuel to achieve the goals. Its never to early to focus on your child`s nutrition needs.

Childhood obesity is a rising concern globally at alarming rate & we believe that the fight against obesity should start at an early age. We are experts at child nutrition & helping children combat obesity & other growing up related issues like lack of attention due to vitamin & mineral profile imbalance, with proper medical supervision. At Dietwise we explore the struggles that parents face to provide the right nutrition to their school & college-going kids & also have specialized plans to help children with height gain, weight gain & sports nutrition. As besides medical implications of weight gain / bulge their are other compounding issues on a child like emotional & psychological changes & also the peer pressure.


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