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Geriatric Nutritionist in Mumbai – Zarna Shah

At Dietwise, we empower you to age vibrantly! We go beyond simply delaying the effects of aging. Our focus is on geriatric nutrition, a specialized field that addresses the unique nutritional needs of older adults, aligned with the latest geriatric dietary guidelines.

Here’s how Dietwise can help you achieve healthy aging:

  • Risk Reduction & Health Promotion: We create personalized plans to minimize your risk of age-related diseases and promote overall well-being.
  • Person-Centered Approach: We understand your individual food preferences and habits, crafting a sustainable nutritional program that works for you.

Active & Healthy Aging: Our goal is to empower you to maintain a high quality of life through proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.


Prevention is Key: Dietwise

Investing in proactive health management through geriatric nutrition is far more cost-effective than battling health issues later in life.

Combating Age-Related Challenges: Dietwise

Our plans address the specific challenges faced by aging bodies, including:

      • Muscle Loss & Fat Gain: We design diets to promote muscle retention and healthy weight management.
      • Reduced Absorption Rate: We tailor plans to optimize nutrient uptake, ensuring your body gets the vital elements it needs.
      • Dehydration: We monitor hydration levels and provide strategies to ensure adequate fluid intake.

 Optimizing Your Body Composition: Dietwise

At each visit, we utilize advanced body composition analysis to personalize your program based on your unique needs.

Maintaining Vital Organ Function: Dietwise

We closely monitor your lipid profile (fats in the blood) and renal profile (kidney function) to ensure optimal organ health.

Prioritizing Essential Vitamins & Minerals: Dietwise

We ensure you receive the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to prevent deficiencies. This includes:

  • Vitamin D for bone health
  • Vitamin E for eye health
  • Folate for cognitive function
  • Calcium, Potassium, Sodium & Zinc for overall health and disease prevention

Addressing Sensory Decline: Dietwise

We acknowledge that some senses may weaken with age, such as thirst, and provide strategies to maintain proper hydration.

The Dietwise Advantage:

Our comprehensive geriatric nutrition program is designed to simplify your journey to healthy aging. We provide the tools and knowledge you need to thrive!

Considering geriatric nutrition supplements or wondering about supplements for geriatrics? Our team can help you navigate these options and determine if they’re right for you.

Looking for a qualified geriatric dietitian near you?  Look no further!  Our team of experts in gerontological nutrition is here to support your health goals.

Located in Mumbai or Andheri?  Dietwise is here to serve you! We offer personalized consultations to residents of Mumbai and Andheri.

Ready to take charge of your health and embrace active aging? Contact Dietwise today for a free consultation!

  • Zarna is very scientific and professional in her approach. Very patient and understanding by nature. Very happy with her guidance. Achieved good health and fitness.
    Kinnari Dalal
  • If I trust anyone when it comes to advice, suggestion or guidance with regard to diet, I can only think of Zarna. She is amazing. She is very knowledgeable and very observant. She will ensure every aspect of your daily routine, blood test, routine tests, etc. are considered before she guidances you. I can see it in the results I have got over the years of going to her.
    Aparna Mahale Mugwe
  • Zarna Shah is a very good dietician. She simplifies the diet so that it can be easily followed. Personalised attention to your existing health issues is given.all my queries are answered by her with patience.
    Pratiksha Saraf
  • Dietwise has been a constant support for me over more than 5 years. I can vouch for all its services and recommend it for all types of health conditions.
  • Very good dietician. Gives very good diet . Answers all question in detail. Have lost about 19 kgs in 5 months.
    Premnath Vinaik
  • Had wonderful experience with zarna, she helps us with every issues n has good solutions for the same...great diet options.
    Payal Ambavi
  • Good expertise and knowledge.Explains benefits in depth and reasons.Diet recipes are the best and helpful.Best wishes Dr Zarna.
    Sweeta choithramani
  • People who are really looking for visible changes, then this is a perfect place and you are in the hands of "one of the best dietitian" Highly recommend.
    Sharad Rastogi
  • Excellent knowledge of diet to suit age, lifestyle and background. Highly recommend.
    Anil Garg
  • Best place for nutrition advice. she is highly qualified and gives achievable plans
    Rafi Ansari


You may read motivational testimonies of people who successfully changed their lives and bodies through healthy weight loss here. These before and after pictures highlight the amazing development and passion of love of our community members and serve as a reminder that everything is achievable with perseverance, support, and dedication. Come along with us on this path to a happy, healthier self.


In many ways, healthy eating stays the same throughout life. Focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats while limiting added sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats.  However, some adjustments might be needed. You may need fewer calories due to a slower metabolism, but ensuring enough protein is crucial to maintain muscle mass.

Both can be problematic. Unintentional weight loss is a bigger concern, as it can indicate underlying health issues or malnutrition. However, obesity can also increase the risk of chronic diseases common in older adults. Consulting a doctor or registered dietitian can help determine a healthy weight range for you.

Reduced appetite, difficulty chewing or swallowing, dental problems, social isolation, and medications affecting taste or absorption of nutrients are all hurdles some seniors face.

There are taste-safe ways to add flavor to your food! Experiment with herbs, spices, citrus juices, and sugar substitutes. Using colorful fruits and vegetables also adds visual appeal which can increase appetite.

A well-balanced diet should provide most nutrients. However, some seniors may benefit from supplements, like vitamin D or B12, to address deficiencies.  Talk to your doctor about any supplements you’re considering.

Dehydration is a common concern for seniors, as thirst sensation can diminish with age. Aim for eight glasses of water a day, and adjust based on activity level and climate.

Soft foods like cooked vegetables, mashed potatoes, yogurt, and ground meat are easier to manage. Consider pureeing tougher foods or using thickening agents for liquids. A speech therapist can also offer swallowing exercises.

Focus on nutrient-dense foods for maximum benefit with smaller portions. Staying hydrated and including physical activity like chair exercises can also help with weight management.

Meal prepping on good days can provide healthy options for later. Frozen fruits and vegetables are a time-saving alternative to fresh. Consider pre-cut vegetables or grocery delivery services for convenience.

A registered dietitian can create a personalized plan considering your health conditions, preferences, and lifestyle. They can also help with grocery shopping and meal preparation tips.

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