Geriatric Nutrition

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At Dietwise we help you delay the effects of ageing & avoiding contracting age related dieseases &issues along with risk reduction and health promotion. To aid in the management of physical, physcological & physiological changes commonly associated with growing old. We have a ‘person centered’ approach wherein we understand the food habits & preferences & make structured programme to maintain & improve nutritional health & promote active & healthy ageing & improve the quality of life. As prevention is better than cure as during this age group, it is always advisable to follow a regime rather than blow money on health care later. Typical issues like decrease in muscle mass & increase in fat mass, reduction in absorption rate need to be attacked as it is a building block for dieseases to enter the body. We screen the body for various parameters during each visit on our body composition machine to make a plan which will exactly cater to the individuals needs. Lipid & Renal profile needs very active watch as the organs tend to not perform to their best of capacity. We keep a strict watch on vitamin & mineral profile as they can make even the slightest mistake force you to pay dearly for it & recovery process becomes long drawn. Eg Vitamin D to prevent fractures at slightest of falls, Vitamin E to delay cataract, folate to prevent Alzheimer`s & Parkinson`s disease, calcium, potassium, sodium & zinc are all important for proper functioning & preventing cardio vascular & other issues. Also due to many impaired senses like thirst leads to dehydration etc Our programme is one of the most comprehensive that it can be to make your journey to maintain your health a smooth one.


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