Body Composition Analysis

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At Dietwise we use universally renowned and recognized body composition analysers. Our latest addition is dual frequency model bought from overseas which gives detailed analysis of the body`s various parameters. Based on the results a Nutritionist can make pinpointed precise programme for muscle gain & fat loss, which can achieve best results in a short span of time. For sportsmen we have segmental analysis also so that specific areas can be attended better. Without knowing the results it would be like shooting in the dark. Each time one comes we scan to see the improvements & current levels. There are various parameters which are scanned & comprehensive data is available for evaluation so that best results can be achieved.

Body composition is measured to assess your health & fitness level also it gives markers for diseases that you may contract if you dont take corrective actions like osteoporosis, Diabetes, Cardio vascular, hormonal imbalance etc.

Body composition analysis involves a series of tests to measure the ratio of different tissues that our bodies are currently made up of. These tests can be an eye-opening experience because they reveal the following: the ratio of fat to lean muscle tissue., the percentage of water in the body, the metabolic rate (BMR) & BMI. When do the results start to show up ? When muscle tissue increases through proper exercise and nutrition, all of these numbers change! This is exciting for us because it shows our clients that their focus on making changes is really worth the effort.

Your body composition and body fat are important measurements when you are on a weight loss program. You could be successful in losing fat and gaining muscle without seeing your weight go down.

By analyzing your body composition, you can understand why you weigh what you weigh so you can, yes, get the scale to read the number you want. But more importantly, by keeping track of your body composition & seeing your results change over time, you can build a healthier body and enjoy a fuller, fitter and happier life.


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